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Shower panels

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china stone shower tray manufacturer,exporter,supplier.our factory can make all types of stone shower trays,like granite shower tray,marble shower

Granite series

We prefabricate Tub Surround all called Shower panel,this is for home, hotel projects etc.Size have 72"x29" or 82"x29"(four piece) ,also have soap dishes etc.Granite thickness have 1cm meshed or 1.2cm or 1.5cm thickness etc

Marble series

Supply you some information concerning projects for hotels, Condo, such as Stone Shower panel (tub Surround),These Material can be granite,marble,travertine,sandtone etc.

Artificial stone series

Artificial Stone( man-made stone) and Enggineered Stone can be made all kinds of surround ( shower panels) and sills, suitable hotel,condo, house,etc

Sandstone series

We also supply sandstone shower panels,they are for home,hotel,etc.All kinds of color and size.

Travertine and limestone series

We do varies projects such as hotel, condo, Hospital, Home , Residence and Commercial projects!Size:82"x30", 60"x28" or other size etc ,also prefabricate them as per your drawing.