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Artificial marble

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Newstar Stone supply all kinds of Stone products, includes Natural Stone, also engineered stone( artificial stone) ,solid surface, Engineered quartz and Marbles. These are made from our factory in china, have marbles tiles, quartz tile, quartz countertops, engineered slabs, vanity tops and island tops etc. they have Artificial marble, artificial quartz, solid surface, engineered marble, engineered quartz, gems stone, compound onyx, compound quartz, compound quartz, compound marble, quartz countertops, crystal stone, crystal quartz , stone products, china stones, china stone , chinese stone products, china stone product, engineered stone , quartz stone, composite stones, artifical stone, composite quartz, artifical quartz, engineered quartz, quartz slab, marble tiles, marble tile, gems stone


We are specialized in producing Engineered Stone,Engineered Stone countertops,Engineered Stone floors,Engineered Stone walls,processing of Engineered Stone countertops,including:pure white Engineered Stone,black Engineered Stone,red Engineered Stone,double-colors Engineered Stone,etc.We are one of the leading exporters in China.

Tiles and slabs

Newstar Sell Artificial Quartz Stone, Quartz tile, engineered stone, artifical Marble, Solid surface, marble tiles,artificial quartz, artifical marble, engineered quartz, granite countertops, marble tiles, manufacturer, factory, china supplier Descrition: China supplier of Artifical marble & engineered quartz, man made stone, their slabs and tiles, countertops,vanity and all kinds of products from China.

Wall and floor

Artificial Marble Flooring and Artificial Marble wall covering are important elements in home improvement, among which tile floors and wall tiling are undoubtedly the most popular choices, particularly for bath and kitchen floors, bathroom and shower walls. There are many types of materials that can be used for floor and wall tiling, such as ceramic, glass, marble and granite. In the upper scale home building or kitchen bathroom remodeling, stone tile floors and stone tile walls have been commonly used.

Shower panel

Artificial Marble Tub Surround also was called Shower panel, it can be made of Artificial stone or marble,quartz, size have 79"x29"(four piece) or 82" etc. Most of them are used into Hotel! Installing a tub surround is an easy way to upgrade bath and save walls from water damage. Tub surrounds come in all shapes, sizes, colors and configurations. Select the one most appropriate for your room and gather your materials and tools before beginning. A granite tub surround is installed as well as a unique fiber optic lighting system

Concerned products

Newstar stone sypply artificial Floor Tiles,quartzWall Tiles,quartzCeiling tiles quartzSculpture & Carving artificial marble quartz Column & baluster Engineered Stone Pillar & Post artificial marble Fireplaces Engineered Stone Medallion & Pattern artificial marble Inlay & Border artificial marble Human & Animal Statue Engineered Stone Stair,Step & Tread artificial marble TV background wall Engineered Stone floor artistic panel