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Gemstone and onyx

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Newstar can offer onyx products, Onyx Tiles,Onyx Slabs,Onyx Laminated Glass,Onyx Mosaic,Onyx Marble, Composite Onyx, onyx wall tiles, onyx decoration panel, onyx tiles and slabs, onyx carving, onyx stone tiles, onyx top, onyx mosaic tiles.

Colors textures

Supply kinds of beautiful Onyx, Onyx tiles, Onyx slab, Wall onyx tiles, Onyx with glass, light onyx panel, White Onyx, Green Onyx, Red Onyx, Red Onyx, Pink onyx, Jade, Resin Onyx, White Jade, White marble, Art onyx, etc, All of our products are widely used in the world construction market such as USA, Europe, Australia, America, Italy, Russia, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand and some other Middle East Countries. More, also we can make all kinds of goods as per your designs, Need more information, welcome contact us. Finished: Polished, honed, tumbled etc

Laminated material

Newstar offer laminated onyx tiles, it is a new product based on modern technology, we use special stone glue to compound 3~5 mm natural onys sheets with Glasson bottom. For the features of safe, environmentally friendly, lightweight, thin, and easy to install, now are widely used in decorating the hotels, home, condos, projects etc.

Concerned products

Various onyx finished products, onyx can be used for countertops, onyx jade sinks, table tops, urns, tile and slabs, Column, Ceiling, Sculpture, Carving products, Onyx Cavings, Pencil Vase, flower pot, flower vase etc. you can buy the present items from us, also we can make all kinds of goods as per your designs.

Onyx Tiles and Slabs

Various natural onyx tiles and slab, such as resin yellow onyx ,green onyx tile and slabs, big size onyx, Pakistan green onyx tiles and slab, used for wall cladding, background, table tops, work table, display shelf, pillar, show case, coffee table, low consulting counter etc. size is available for 60x60x1.8cm, 40x120x1.8cm, 1.2x2.4x1.8cm, and your customized size.