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Travertine and Limestone

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We offer more choices of travertine and limestone including slab and tiles in yellow, grey, beige, white with and without fossil, mosaic and onyx in honed, polish, acid washed, and brushed finish. We use the state of the art machinery to process our tiles and slabs. Now we are newly built one China Travertine & limestone Quarry to supply top quality concerning products for you ,figured with good quality,but competitive price.

China travertine colors

Travertine stone, sometime being called "travertine marble", "travertine limestone" or even travertine granite, is also known as calc-sinter and calcareous tufa; when used for decorative purposes, it's often referred as onyx marble and Mexican onyx. Another nickname for travertine is "Egyptian Oriental alabaster". Travertine color has significant variations within the same slab even the same tile, but in general can be categorized into beige cream or yellow (Chinese), gold and yellow (Turkish), walnut, noce or noche, light white or ivory and red travertine (Turkish). Travertine can be used for building applications such as fabricating floor tiles, wall tiles, countertops. Certain types are available for carving sinks, tables, fireplace mantel surrounds, columns, gazebos, fountains, statues etc.

World travertine colors

Travertine, large quarry exist at Tivoli, Italy, near Rome. In fact, Travertine gets its name from this town. Tivoli was known as Tibur in ancient Roman times. The ancient name for the stone was "Lapis Tiburtinus" meaning "Tibur Stone", which has been renamed to Travertine.
Travertine forms from hot spring water percolating up through underground limestone. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind layers of dissolved limestone and other minerals, giving it its banded appearance.
The characteristic holes in travertine are the result of trapped gas bubbles; as the gas escapes, crystals form in the cavities. The resultant stone is a smooth, porous, naturally decorative material which offers a soft cream hue, and overall old-world beauty.

Limestone colors

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of mainly calcium carbonate. As most natural limestone rock formations contain mainly non-crystallized minerals, blocks taken from limestone quarries possess very uniform composition, texture, and structure. Natural limestones had originally been deposits on shallow sea beds, so they could carry certain visible fossil patterns. Limestone color ranges from white, blue, beige cream yellow to gray, with many variations of ivory and light gold usually considered most popular for countertop fabrications. Popular finishes are honed ("matte"), polished and tumbled. Tumbled limestones are mainly for paving applications, while polished and honed limestone slabs are commonly used in flooring and wall covering.

Tiles and Slabs

Travertine tile is used as floor tile in both residential and commercial buildings, as well as a decorative option for wall cladding and backsplashes. Travertine tile has both indoor and outdoor uses, being a durable stone, and can be both functional and aesthetically striking.
There are Travertine sinks, mosaic tiles, statuary, fireplace surrounds, tub surrounds, vanities, and tables. Travertine can be used as accessories such as light switch plates, trim, vases, and coasters. Travertine can be used for countertops but it's not recommended. It scratches, stains, and absorbs liquids easier than other natural stones. If you plan to use Travertine for your countertop, make sure it is a harder and less porous stone.
The classic aged look of tumbled Travertine will warm your home. A polished or honed Travertine becomes a bit more formal but yet, it's still inviting. The soft earthy hues of this natural stone truly keep it in tune with nature.

Floor and wall

China Newstar stone flooring products including China travertine tile, Turkish travertine tile and tile travertine originated from Mideast. Comparing to marble or granite, tile travertine has an unique property - porous. The holes on travertine and tile are visible even after being filled. The most popular color of travertine tiles is earth tone such as beige or cream although more bright and complicated colors are available. Veining of colorful travertine tiles can be rather complicated, resulting in significant color variations even within the same batch and making travertine tile floors and walls very decorative and attractive. There are many finish options for travertine tiles, among which "filled and honed" is most commonly used. Tumbled travertine tiles are getting increasing popular as they are capable of presenting antique appearances while being installed on floors or walls. See the bottom of this page for complete travertine tile finish options.

Bath tiles

The use of travertine tile in home bathrooms is a practical and beautiful solution that lasts a lifetime. Once used throughout ancient Europe for building walls and foundations, modern manufacturing now produces tiles and shapes that are easily incorporated into interior designs. This sturdy material is Ideal for bathroom flooring because of its non-stick surface properties. The many available patterns and colors can be used for flooring, backdrops, showers and sinks coordinated to fit a variety of decors. Natural travertine is a fairly hard sedimentary stone formed from carbonate minerals and mineral spring water. It is similar to limestone and marble but this porous material often features many cavities. The tile surfaces are often laden with holes and crevices that give the finished material a textured appearance. Filled tiles are recommended for bathroom flooring. Tiles that contain larger holes

French pattern

Our travertine French pattern is one of the most favorite travertine for inside and outside. This French pattern travertine makes any floor more authentic and interesting. Random size of French pattern gives great look to any place. It is quarried from the regions of Turkey. Turkey¡¯s part in producing travertine is indisputable.
This is the first quality travertine French pattern. The quality is extremely sufficient for the needs of customers and users. The price is reasonable. Our customers have been satisfied with the quality and price up to now. This French pattern travertine is available in all sizes. Now order and get the first quality and high durability together with our travertine French pattern.

Sinks and bath tubs

offers a wide range of bathroom vessel sinks & basins,mainly carved stone basins,such as travertine sinks,imestone basins,travertine Sinks,travertine vessel sink,etc.We also provide beautiful handmade painted ceramic bathroom basins.