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surface treatment

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surface treatment process for preserving and strengthening marble, travertine, limestone, stones, tiles and articles manufactured from China Newstar


Polished (Polished): The surface is very smooth, highly polished, with mirror effect, there is a high gloss. Granite, marble and limestone is often polished, and require different maintenance to maintain its luster.


Fire (Flamed): A rough surface. This surface is mainly used indoors such as flooring or commercial building finishes, labor costs are higher. After heated to high temperatures and rapidly cooled to form a burning plane. Burning surface is usually granite.


Sandblast (Sandblasted): King Kong with ordinary sand, or sand to replace the high-pressure water to scour the surface of stone, forming a flat surface decorated frosted effect.


Matt (Honed): A smooth surface, but the low-grade polished, resulting in diffuse reflection, dull, does not produce mirror effect, no light pollution.


Lychee (Bushhammered): Surface rough, uneven, is packed with the chisel on the surface of the carved hole, there is an imitation of the long years of drops of water droplets on the rock an effect.


Tumbling (tumbled): Surface smooth or slightly rough, smooth, and the corner was broken like. There are several ways to achieve the rollover effect. 20 mm, the blocks can be inside the machine rolling, rolling 3 cm tiles can also be handled, and then split into two blocks. Marble and limestone is the material of choice for rollover treatment.

water scoring

Corrigan (Water-jet): A direct impact on stone with high-pressure water surface, soft texture stripping composition, forming a unique decorative effect of the hair surface.


Machine cut (Machine-Cut): Sand directly from the circular saw or a saw cutting machines and other equipment cut into the bridge type, surface more rough, with clear cut lines of machines.


Chop Ax (Chiselled): Also known as longan and you're struck with the stone ax chop on the surface, forming a very dense texture of the strip, and some, like longan skin effect.

natural split

Cracking (Nature Split): Commonly known as a natural surface, the surface roughness, but the fire did not rough. This surface treatment is usually cut by hand or in the mining of natural stone chisel to expose the crack surface.

acid washing

ACID-WASHED Shiny with small etching marks (pits in surface). An acid-washed finish shows fewer scratches and is much more rustic in appearance than a honed finish. Most stones can be acid-washed but the most common are marble and limestone. Acid washing is also a way to soften the shine on granite.

rough picked

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