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The marbles we deal with are 100% nature and different from artificial marbles, cultured marble or cast marble in texture and most importantly, the value. Consult with marble stone specialists at Amlink, we will help you to make appropriate material choices for your upcoming marble stone projects.

China marble colors

Supplying various Chinese marble colors, cheap items, popular marble colors. China Marble colors are mainly for polished marble flooring tiles and wall tile, honed marble tiles, tumbled marble tile, marble mosaic etc. It covers white marble colors, veins white marble, black marbles, green marbles, honey onyx marble, yellow marble, pink red marble colors etc.

World marble colors

We own marbles from Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt etc countries, offer good price for marble slabs, marble tiles, marble mosaic, marble countertops etc. With advanced machines from Italy, we produce and process the good quality of marble products and exported to other countries. Our marble colors including beige, yellow, white, green, red etc.

Tiles and slabs

We supply Chinese polupar granite material as: G603, G682, G633, G623, G654, G635, G636, G664, G614, G611, G687, GG655, Tiger skin yellow, spray white, China juparana, marple red G562, G684, Shanxi Black, China green, JX Green, China Black, Mongolia Black and so on.

Pattern & Medallion

We are offering marble mosaic, stone mosaic tiles, China marble mosaic, mosaic wall tile, mosaic borders, stone mosaic for bathroom in size of 30x30 with blocks 1cm, 1.5cm, 3cm and random shapes etc. marble pattern, marble medallion, granite pattern, pattern flooring, mosaic medallion with square pattern and round patterns, sizes are available 60x60, 90x90, 100x100, 120x120, 60x120cm etc. marble pattern border & Lines, mosaic border liner, water jet pattern for lobby with any customized design and sizes, marble with glass mosaic, slate mosaic tiles, mosaic slate walls, pebble mosaic, natural river stone tiles and mosaic furniture.


Newstar Stone(China)can supply the natural marble mosaic and derived products, marble sheet metal, the stone in the style of the ancients and other stone material mosaic products at the price of factory made. We accept international order no matter how much it orders, and offer our customer such service as decorate, overall technical support of maintaining etc. We can also offer a foreign trade procedure service to the port to the port trade according to customer's enquiry very conveniently

Floors & walls

One of the most popular flooring in the present times, marble flooring has been in use since ages,this type of flooring was considered to be a style that was meant basically for the rich class.
One of the most luxurious materials available for internal wall and floors, marble has the advantage over other stones of its wide colour range, from whites to blacks and including pinks, greens, reds and beige shades. When polished, its true beauty comes to light showing the veining and colouring

Marble Sculpture

China Newstar stone a large section of stone animal statues and sculptures. Animal sculptures include large life size animal statues and desktop size small figures.Marble animal statues placed next to the trees or bushes, near the water ponds and pools or even in the lawn will enhance the natural themes to the outdoor environments. Animal sculptures are mostly made in marble but can also be in sandstone, limestone, granite or travertine.

Laminated marble

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Marble fireplace

Exquisite carved fireplace mantels include flower carved marble fireplace, statue carved marble fireplaces and large double fireplaces, all the carved fireplace are carved in marble, limestone, travertine, granite and sandstone, we work in a variety of different stone colors and marbles. Quality guaranteed, feel free to choose the stone material, sizes, carving you interest. Featuring beautiful works of art in amazing hand sculpted detail!

Marble Ledge Stone