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Granite Countertops and granite colors can be found at China Newstar stone for granite countertops, where homeowners, installers, fabricators, builders, designers and fabricators come together to find what they are looking for and showcase their granite products.

China granite color

We have many quarries of granite to offer the low price and high quality products for you! Kindly choose your favorite colors!granite colors of China original,used for flooring, wall, countertop, vanity top, any dimension stone and carvings

World Granite Colors

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Tiles and slabs

Granite slabs and Granite tile are often used for building products. Granite slab material and Granite tile are originated from China,India,Brazil,norway etc.China Newstar Stone is professional granite slab and granite tiles supplier in China.


China Newstar prefabricate Granite Countertop,Kitchen countertops,marble tops,solid stone tops,vanity top,kitchen top,island top,bench tops,kitchen granite top,bath granite.Granite Countertops,Granite Countertop,Granite Tops,Granite Top,Granite Kitchen Countertops,Granite Counters

Vanity top

China Newstar prefabricate granite countertops,granite counters, vanity top, kitchen, countertop, bathroom vanity, marble tops, granite vanity tops,granite colors,Prefab undermount (fit Kohler brand 14" x17" Caxton) vanity tops in standard sizes. All vanities have Flexifaucet(tm) optional centers.

Shower panel

Tubs, tub decks, bathroom tub surrounds, shower surrounds, fiberglass or aluminum backed 3/8" tub surrounds. Most of size is 60"x30", 72"x30", 84"x48". Super thin light fiberglass and honeycomb stone panels.


Quality Granite Cobblestone,paving,paving stone etc marble tile, travertine tile, granite tile, granite countertops, slate tile and roof slate at rock bottom prices.


China Newstar supplies a variety of Granite Kerbstone products, featuring granite pavers that include granite cubes, granite kerbstone, granite paving tiles and granite setts stone.

Steps & Risers

Granite Steps,Granite Stairs and Risers and China Granite Stairs, Granite Steps, Granite Risers, Stone Risers, Stone Steps, Stone Stairs, Stairs Risers

Floor & Walls

Granite floor tiles, wall tiles for interior design and architecture. Find the best floor tile for your project, discover our porcelain tile flooring and wall coverings realizations