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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese traditional festival. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night. It is a gathering day, family people will gathering in this day to celebrate.


On Sep 27, Newstar family were celebrate this important day in Dahua restaurant. Our many suppliers were invited with us, share the latest situation, let each other more closer.


Look, many beautiful girls and handsome boys in this big family!


And later, we star the big dinner. Like family stay together to celebrate the Mid-autumn, everyone talk with joyful, peaceful, after dinner, most climax moment, Moon-cake gambling, it is an important Mid-Autumn Festival custom in the Minnan area, which is centered around Xiamen. From history, Zheng Chenggong, He invented moon cake gambling on Mid-Autumn Festival to help relieve homesickness among his troops. The games rules :people stand or sit beside the square table, staring at the big bowls, gamble disc to show First, second, a vice-mayor, jinshi, juren, the resulting, and then get the corresponding gifts. Good luck people bring many gifts back home from gamble disc and others just small. It is very classic game in Mid-autumn festiva



Through this activity, what Newstar showing is we are always insist happy work and happy life. It is bring more the enthusiasm for company people to enjoy a happiness and unity and solidarity.