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Stone From Raw Material To Works Of Art And Beauty


Semi-precious stones which used for the making of different jewelry pieces would be those that have been worked on by gem cutters and polishers, or who are also known as lapidarists. A lot of these stones appear to be markedly different in the state that they naturally occur, which is relatively rougher, compared to how they look as they used for jewelry and ornaments. The gem cutter's art, knowledge as well as skill could almost magically transform a simple chunk of rock into beautifully formed and cut gemstones.

Rough gemstones would be assessed by gem cutters first so that the best utilization for the qualities of a certain stone would be determined. There are some stones which could be skillfully broken apart along its naturally occurring fracture lines. When this process is done, it is called cleaving. Topaz and diamond would be two gems which are usually cleaved. This process is basically done so that more rough stones could be created from the main stone as well as to strengthen the stones which are remaining. If they were not cleaved, natural lines that result from cleavage can ultimately ruin the stone.

Various methods and treatments are available to enhance and bring out the natural beauty of gemstones. Those too small gemstone pieces which are too small to work with are tumbled. Stones could also be cut using saws that have been impregnated with diamond, as it is the hardest substance which is naturally occurring. Stones could then be ground, then sanded and then polished into various shapes and finishes. The most common shapes would include Cabochon Stones, Faceted Stones, Beads, Inlays, Mosaics and Intaglios and Cameos.