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Marble Skirting


The advantages of marble skirting:

A. Easier to caring: marble skirting is good at moisture and corrosion, it is very easy for people to care and maintenance.

B. Favorable decoration effect: decorating the living room with marble skirting will make the living room feel elegant and very atmospheric.

C. Colorful: propelled by technical progress, there have enough marble skirting colors from light to dark for people to choose.

The disadvantages of marble skirting:

A. Easy to fall: there may have some base on marble skirting's surface, if you do not paste it tight, it will fall down.

B. The construction is complex: compared to other material skirting, marble skirting is more complex to construction.


There are some installation methods of marble skirting:

1. Wood method

A. Drilling, before drilling observing the direction of water and electricity to prevent mistakes. The hole can not be too large, or the baseboard is difficult to stick on the wall. Use special tools to drill holes in the wall. The common length of the skirting is 2m. In order to fix the skirting more firmly, the interval between the holes should be about 40cm, the interval should be smaller.

B. Pour the small pieces of wood into the holes. The nail should be nailed on the wood.

C. Before fix the skirting, you should clean up the wall to make it smooth, or skirting may not completely close to the wall after installed up, will leave ugly gap. Look at the location of the drill, and then fix the nail on the skirting.

D. Corner processing, the place where the skirting intersect, should cut the edge of the skirting into 45-degree angle, so that the interface will not leave ugly marks.

E. Installation points, the nails which used to fix the skirting should use a special screw, to make it not easy to loose. In order to make the skirting close to the wall without any gaps, the flatness of the wall should be tested before installation.


2. Glass glue

Using the neutral glass glue to instead of structural adhesive, can make it more solid. Do not need to add grass-roots layer, removed the whitewash layer of the house, than paste the marble skirting on the wall with neutral glass glue directly.

3. Structural glue

A. Cleaning up the walls, remove the paint layer.

B. Deal with the flatness of the wall.

C. Paste the marble skirting on the wall with structural glue.

D. Use the marble glue to paste the skirting with skirting and marble with wall.

E. Do supporting, at least 24 hours.