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Corporate culture

 company Culture

" Zhiyuan miles, creating excellence" is the dream of Newstar, the true meaning is to enjoy the good things and life, experience the classic life. In the enterprise, we have been invested to improve employee work environment, through a variety of activities to enrich employee cultural and amateur life, to create dreams for life.
(1)£ºdream:  to create and attain perfection,we keep making progress toward one direction, and continuously exceeded, with attitude keep moving, and beyond the "progressive", obsessed with perfecting, tireless pursuit of perfection, let us work to discover and promote the creation of beauty, let employees, customers, partners, decorated living space more content, better
(2)£ºCorporate Mission: build the world's first brand in the world of Building materials ,create an independent brand products, services, navigation company
(3):  Business goals: "Newstar¡± of top on Building.

 Company's core values:

I. Company Spirit :
(1) Integrity: honesty, trustworthiness, is basic criteria enterprise and individual.
(2) Initiative: innovative, not satisfied with the status quo, set goals, reasonable planning, careful study and work hard
(3)  dedication: devotion to work, happy at work, ready to sacrifice, with a high degree of professionalism
(4)  Love: Newstar staff emphasized the basic values of fraternity, of the Company, on the team, on the solidarity of my colleagues.
Grateful to those who hurt you, because they polished your patience
Grateful to those who cheat you, because they have enhanced your wisdom
Grateful to those who slander you, because it taught you that independence;
Grateful to those who stumble you, because it strengthens your legs;
Grateful to those who blame you, because it reminds you of the disadvantages;
Thanks all, your heart will be always full of warmth;
Live in thanksgiving, you will be happy

II. Newstar Spirit: Happiness, passion, dreams and struggle 
to create happiness from learning and working, happy by yourself, with passion and dreams ignite hope, struggle and struggle achieve success.

III. Business purposes
(1)  People-oriented: the implementation of human management, concern and care staff make Newstar a warm family
(2) Customer-oriented: respect for the guests, like the guests are thinking, anxious guests are anxious to establish a win-win relationships with customers
(3) Quality first: the establishment of high-quality product standards, ensure product quality
(4) Peace is precious: harmony, solidarity between employees, business and community friendly.

VI. Company idea
Management objectives: a clear mandate, efficient operation, for developing
Service concept: quality first, customer first, customer is the referee
Team concept: there is no perfect person only perfect team
A dream concept: have a dream will come true
Action idea: less talk and do more, stand up on the action
Learning concept: success from professional study
Enterprising idea: a little progress every day
Time Concept: Live in the moment, seize today
Financial concept: save one dollar easier than earn one dollar